Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization



Scar tissue in joints and muscles can be removed with this technique. Effective on scars, shin splints, old sprains and strains.

Heart Burn?

Heart Burn

Be sure to mention heart burn and chronic indigestion on your next visit.The doctor will test you to see if an adjustment or nutritional advice or supplements can end your suffering.

Nutritional Supplements


We stock a large supply of Nutri-Dyn, Metagenics, and Standard Process products. We also stock or have available supplements from Dynamic Nutritional, Progressive Laboritories, Nordic Naturals, Douglas Labs, NutriWest, Energique, and Professional Botanicals.

Custom Made Orthotics


 Sore feet? Tired legs? Chronic low back pain?

Ask the doctor about custom made orthotics. We have several different suppliers to choose from to get you the best orthotic for your condition.

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